Break boundaries with the power of creativity and music

When we progress through life, we may face stages where we feel we have hit a brick wall. This brick wall is a boundary we have that stops us from expressing our fullest and truest self. This brick wall is metaphorical of when we have old beliefs that limit us or that relentless inner critic who constantly interrupts your life. We cannot break this wall through sheer might, since this will feed the frustration you have against yourself.

So then how do we face this inner demon?

Clear your mind and accept what you feel without resisting it. Then once the mind has become open, it then has the capacity for new thoughts and beliefs to replace the old ones.

Logically speaking, we are often more open to accepting a change in mentality; if the new information being contemplated, is close to what we already understand. Therefore, we must find a way to convince ourselves the desired change is possible. One way this could be done is through setting yourself SMART goals which I explained in the previous post.

However, giving you tips and tricks that work on a logical level may not always be as effective. I always say that the logical mind does not work the same way as your emotions do.

Therefore, I would say that the reason we face this wall may be due to an inner fear of the unknown. If you are used to feeling low it eventually becomes your comfort zone. You know that you want happiness but somewhere deep inside you may be uncomfortable with how it feels or afraid to open up.

With time this boundary can be healed, and there are certainly benefits of seeking therapy and counselling. If you are not comfortable with seeking professional help at this moment, I would like to propose a different method that can make you become comfortable with vulnerability.

Being creative!

Creative hobbies can be anything from gardening to playing a musical instrument. In my experience, when I played the violin it helped me to ease my stress, reinforced my sense of personal fulfillment and reinforced the idea that I can achieve anything. This is because when you play an instrument it acts as an outlet for repressed dreams, wishes and desires. It allows you to express your emotions and offers a constructive way of venting and clearing your mind without the negative consequences.

My violin teacher often told me that I wasn’t relaxed enough. The odd part was that I never really noticed how tense my body was. Playing the violin really opened my senses and my awareness. As a result, I became more attentive to any restrictions in my body. In the long term, this benefits my character because it ensures I can find a way to adapt through rough and tense moments. To be able to continue “playing” no matter what stress I feel.

The more I practiced, eventually I was able to improvise. This kind of skill teaches you how to make the most of what you have, not only with a piece of music but also with any general situation. To be connected to your creative side is equal to being connected to your inner power. With this new skill it acts as a new resource that fuels your confidence and love for life.

When you work on connecting with yourself, you may find that this may bridge the gap between you and other people. I was able to appreciate other people’s music more. When I would see other people playing the violin well, I could almost sense and feel their passion. The way you play an instrument can tell others a lot about who you are. It can also tell any story you want it to tell. Therefore, I believe music is a way to communicate and break barriers between not only yourself but other people; it communicates what most people cannot express in words.

When I learned the violin, it was not just the simple case of learning how to hold it properly and perform the right movements of the bow against the string. I had to train my listening skills, to be able to remember certain sounds. I had to learn how to read music. Essentially I felt like I was learning a whole new language. The more I focused on perfecting the posture and action, the less improvement I made. I made more progress when I started to pay attention to the rhythm and melody more; and when I focused on connecting to the music and enjoying myself more.

Personally; playing music helped me to connect with myself during my darkest moments. It really transformed my relationship with myself and my experience of life at home. Therefore, I highly recommend taking up a creative hobby in order for you to open up and express who you are at a deeper level.

As a summary this is how practising a creative hobby can benefit you:

  • Improves your senses
  • Improves how you express yourself
  • Good for relaxation and your overall wellbeing/mental health
  • Good for your overall intelligence and ability to think outside the box
  • Improves how you relate to yourself

So what are you waiting for? Let your inner curiosity guide you folks.